Thursday, June 4, 2009

Michael Weatherly You are So funny on NCIS! Oh and HOTTTTT!

Ladies, if you don't know who this is then you are missing a great TV show.

NCIS is one of the best "cop" shows on TV and it's hella funny.  Watch it! You will not regret it! TRUST!
See the cool NCIS stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service...not to be confused with CSI...not even close to the same thing!

In case you guys ever watched TV back in the day:

1. Jessica Alba used to be on TV 
2. She was also ENGAGED to Michael Weatherly who played the main male character on that show Dark Angel...just put some glasses on him and VOILA!

His character Tony DiNozzo makes me laugh so much with his movie's scarily like!

If he wasn't a complete womanizer! Tony DiNozzo would be my dream man due to his awesome sense of humor.  Oh and did I mention his HOTNESS!

He seems to have that same personality in real life as Michael Weatherly too! Hotspice!

Michael was born in New York City in 1968, yes he's 41, umm..math not my thing...he looks damn good for 41.

Here he is in his "I'm a big, tough, NCIS Federal Agent pose."  Is it me or does a badge make a guy a lotta bit hotter? Nope it's not just me.  It does! Fo shizzle!

Ummm..hi...we love the hotness of I said suits=hot!  He's always in a suit and always getting abused (hit in the back of the head) by Gibbs, but it's out of love...Gibbs loves him if you don't believe that...refer to the beginning of season 6.

NCIS is one of the coolest shows on TV, in fact it's so popular, it's getting it's own spin-off much like the original CSI.  NCIS: Los Angeles


  1. i absolutley L-O-V-E tony/ michael!!!!!!!

  2. TONY/MICHAEL is the greatest actor of all time.

    He really really really really really really HOT.


  3. i love tony/michael so much that i would die for him.

  4. i love tony so much that i would die for him in a heartbeat.

    asiya howell