Friday, June 5, 2009

Mark Wahlberg, from the Funky Bunch to Fiery Hot and Totally Talented!

A long way from Marky Mark and the funky bunch comes hotness! And who knew he was a good actor too! If you need proof see The Departed...then you will be a believer in his acting ability and the pics below should make you a believer in his hotness!

He looks good all spiffed up in a suit...but when does he not look good.  I was scared to death of him in Fear but at the same time I wanted to ride the roller coaster with him! Although this has a little taste of "senior yearbook picture," on

His acting ability is not the only reason we love him!'s almost like he's
Okay he can sing (sort of) act, and he's a good shooter supposedly he practiced a lot with a rifle for his role in the Shooter...he got a little scruffy there for a while but surprisingly looked hot still...I guess there's no stopping the hotness if it really wants to come out.

Why so sad???? Smile you are hotspice!  Cheer up you also have a beautiful smile!

This picture on a billboard bigger than an IMAX movie screen in Times Square in New York, in nothing but his Calvin Kleins left us asking who is this guy? Then, not too much later we found out just how well he filled them out in Boogie Nights lol

Recently he tried to hide his amazing body under some ugly cop clothes in the Departed, he was one of the only people who DOESN'T die in that movie...didn't ruin anything don't worry!

He's come a long way but apparently he has always done tons of ab workouts even back in the Marky Mark days.  I mean part of why they were so "funky" was because he was so hot! I mean he was the brother of a member of the original boy band "The New Kids On the Block"

Who woulda thunk?  Well that's what we get for underestimating people because they make some bad fashion choices!

Love you Mark,


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