Saturday, June 6, 2009

Orlando Bloom, Only a Smoking Hot Guy Could Stand Next to Johnny Depp and Still Look Hot!

Orlando we first noticed you when we submerged ourselves in the Lord of the Rings.  You were the hottest elf king or prince or whatever we ever saw, we were willing to look past the pointy ears too. I wanna be an elf! Can I be your elvin mate? Please I'll learn elvish!

You were an elf in the Lord of the Rings and you looked oh so hot with your bow and arrow!
Me likey!!! This was your big break and we noticed! 

Here is a montage that some of your fans put together of all your most hot and memorable characters.  Yet another hot Brit! Can't wait to go to London in like 6 days! I hope I find a guy like you, but I was really planning on stalking finding Johnny Depp, but he's way too will do! For sure!

This just goes to show you are universally look good in any hairdo..outfit...whatevs! We love you in anything or better yet, nothing...yeah that would be better see below:
You should go sans shirt so much more likey a lotta bit! Holy crap....hotness supreme!
Here you are looking very much like you are thinking about me.  Anyway, came to Kentucky a few years ago...umm...did you get lost?  Nashville is in Tennessee not Kentucky!
You got closer than Rpattz...he went to NYC and he meant to come to Nash, Tennessee. Maybe it's because they rhyme dunno...but not Kentucky!

Suit Up! You look amazing in a suit!  Hotspice!

Lucky dog...wish I could be the one lying in your lap...some dogs girls have all the luck.  That is one lucky bitch...hehe

Have to have my token black and white hotspice picture...guys totally look good in black and white!
Then came the pirate hotness in the Pirates of the Carribean series...hotspice...hotness supreme...just sayin' he was hot...srsly

Pirate hotness


Love you man meat!


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  2. orlando bloom. ahhh, even the name is hot.