Friday, June 5, 2009

Tyson Beckford There is A good Reason you are one of the ONLY Male Supermodels

Okay for all of you who don't watch TV read magazines and don't shop in stores.'re a loser and need to leave your house or something...may need therapy..Just sayin'

He's hotness...he's in like every TV add...I recently saw him in an add for Macy's.  Trust me I noticed!
Hot and patriotic! Loving it! Happy Birthday America here is your present! You're welcome!

My theory still stands, men look hot wet!  Oh my God!  I want to be on that reality show you do just to meet you. What's it called the beautiful people show.

Holy crap could you call all men and give them lessons on how to have abs like this.  I think when the phrase "washboard abs" was invented it was in referral to you!  Holy hotness Tyson!

Love ya,


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