Thursday, June 4, 2009

Simon Baker: Can You Read MY Mind? Then you know I'm thinking, you're hot!

Once upon a time there was this book made into a movie called, The Devil Wears Prada.  Simon Baker was in it looking super hot!


Oh but no!

Then came The Mentalist, sweeeeet, dude!, sweet, dude, sweet okay I'll stop! sorry!

we totally want our mind read!  but can you use your Aussie hotness accent?

The Mentalist...methinks not! Me think more like the hotliness! It's quite a relief you can't read mind because we have some dirty thoughts about you!  Especially, in The Devil Wears Prada...

I couldn't understand, why would Anne Hathaway want that scruffy loser when she could have you?  I mean I know you went behind Miranda's back but she was bitch supreme, so it's not like you were just crossed over from the dark side.  Hello, it's called the Devil Wears Prada!

I love me some man meat in suits...ummm...did you ever find Red John?  I didn't see the season finale whoopsie daisies (hehe Hugh Grant in Notting Hill) #twinsie gets it!
By the sport a good bouffant but Rpattz still wears the Bouffant crown
You look sexy in seem to be the king of the close-up because finding full body pics of you was hard! Why was it shirt make me happy!

Love it when you smile! 

And my theory stands, hot guy from Australia...I have never been wrong!  I knew it!


  1. i have this fantasy... i do something naughty and Consultant Jane has to Mentalize me....

  2. I'd swear off all men forever for just a little sugar ...