Thursday, June 4, 2009

You are Burnin' Hot Jeffrey Donavan! Giving you Notice! You bes Hot!

Burnin' Hot Man...Jeffrey Donovan welcome to the Celeb Man Meat Bad Ass Wall of Fame!
You totally belong on it for sure!

Okay for those of you who don't have cable or like more than one channel...crawl out of your cave!
Here's why: Jeffrey Donovan is burnin hot...PUTTING EVERYONE ON NOTICE
In case you don't know he plays a bad ass, cool as shizz spy in Burn Notice a summer and sometimes fall series on USA!!!!  If you aren't watching it than you are stupid! This is a good show for both guys and girls!  Jeffrey Donovan is smokin hot! (see above)

Black and white pics make everyone hotter! Not that you need it...not only are you good looking you are bad ass...have I said that before...what ever it's true!
In case you haven't noticed...he's in insanely good shape!

He's 41 looks early thirties...don't care...HOTNESS

You are definitely not on the celebman meat expert's black list...we wouldn't burn you!  We would be oh so willing to replace Fiona!  A man in a suit and a it says on the picture...The daily hotness it the truth!

If you watch Burn Notice you will be hooked TRUST! Moon Bloodgood of recent Terminator fame on next episode of Burn Notice!

You are so hot as Michael Weston in Burn Notice on USA Thursdays at 8/7 central and trust me I will be tuning in every week!  I need to look at the hotness that is Jeffrey Donovan at least once a week now I can any time I want!

We love you Jeffrey, if we are ever in Miami we'll look you up! You are dreamy you 6 foot hunk o' burnin hotness...tall, dark, handsome, and a good hearted bad boy.....DAMN!

I will continue to obssess watch you as long as Burn Notice is on and in any movies you see.

Love you!  How many times did I say Burn Notice? Too many to count can you tell I love that show!



  1. Oh GAWD, I LOVE Jeffrey Donovan!!!!!

  2. Jeffrey Donovan is another celeb for me too!!! I am a Burn Notice fan!!!

  3. Aaaaamen. He is Hot!!!

    Burn Notice is the best show ever. I live in Denmark so I get to see the show much later the you guys, but it's worth the wait o¨,)

    Everybody should have a Michael Weston in their's only fair o¨,)

  4. Love Burn Notice!!!