Saturday, July 11, 2009

Steven Strait, I wanna make a Covenant with you it's called Marriage..CALL ME!

Okay Steven, we will forgive your scruffiness in 10,000 B.C. because
of how hot you looked in the Covenant
This picture is hotness! It shows your witchy ways!

Anyone who hasn't seen the Covenant I command you go now, rent it, now, i mean it now!!!!

Umm...hi you are hotness...with your arm over you head! Yum!
We all know that Steven is calling me on that phone he's upset cause we are having a fight. But we made
 up later and it was nice!
k, the guys on the swim team did not look like this when I was in school. That town was small the only thing they had to do was
 workout apparently!

Umm...scoot over so I can get in bed with you! Love you! Hotness!

There are entirely too few pictures of more movies soon please you are hotness and we want to drool over you on the screen.

Love ya, Man Meat